June 4th - August 2nd

  • Minis - Must be 2.5 years old to start. No pre req skills required.
  • Intro - Cartwheel, Handstand,  Round Off,  Standing Backbend,  Front Walkover, Back Walkover
  • BHS (Back Handsprings) Pre Reqs: All of Intro Skills - Standing BHS, Round Off BHS, BHS Series
  • No Hands  Pre Reqs: All of BHS Skills - Standing Back Tuck, Front Tuck, Round Off Back Tuck, BHS Tuck series
  • Cheer Pre Reqs: All of Intro Skills - BHS and Back Tucks with cheer technique, and Cheer Jumps
  • Dudes - Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced. Evaluation required for placement.

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